Find out tips on choosing a property according to your needs


Among the many types of investment, property is seen as the best type of investment because it has a relatively small risk with large returns.

However, even though it is included in the safe category, it does not mean there is no risk at all. As with investing in other fields, if you make a fundamental mistake in making an investment, there is a possibility of loss in property.

That is why those who are going to invest in property need to know how to choose a profitable property.

Here are some tips on investing in property that you need to know:

Choose the Best Developer
To ensure the safety of your investment, make sure you buy property from a developer who has convincing credibility by studying their track record.

A good property developer has the ability to present a quality project, they are supported by quality human resources so that the mistakes that occur in the project are very small.

A possible error for developers is a mismatch between promises and reality.

For example, for a housing project, the handover was promised within 12 months, but for some reason the handover was later than promised.

Another example is the discrepancy between the material used and the material promised in the contract.

What’s worse is that the project is late as a whole or doesn’t go ahead at all.

A good developer has skills in project planning and analysis. So that with this ability they can present good projects and be easily absorbed by the market.

Strategic location
Location plays a very big role in the success of a property project. Buyers will benefit if they buy properties that are in strategic locations because the price of these properties will easily increase.

The strategic location is a location where the demand for property is higher than the supply. Demand is greater than supply.

Locations that can be categorized here are urban locations where of course there are always people who need property.

Because in urban areas vacant land is getting narrower while the population is always increasing as time goes by.

It is not wrong to think that location is far more important than the condition of the building, when buying property for investment purposes.

How to assess a strategic location or not?

A strategic location has many criteria, but generally a property is considered to have a strategic location if it is not far from crowded centers, shopping centers, offices, public facilities such as hospitals, stadiums, educational institutions, places of worship and so on.

Complete Facilities Supported
The selling price of properties located in neighborhoods equipped with various facilities is higher than housing with poor facilities.

Because the existence of these facilities not only helps facilitate daily activities but also opens opportunities for property owners to develop other businesses or invest in other sectors.

That’s what makes housing that has many facilities priced at a higher price, which is uniquely more in demand than housing that is cheaper but with minimal facilities.